Tips for saving energy during the winter

When winter arrives at our doorstep with extreme blizzards and negative temperatures, we turn to our furnaces to warm us up. That being said, the more heat we use, the more energy we use, and the more money we spend. Everyone likes to save as much cash and energy as possible year-round, which is why we thought it was time for a blog post about saving energy and money during the winter! Below are some tips we have gathered to assist you!

  • Remember how we wanted to shield the inside of the home from the sun during the summer to reduce heat? Well, the sun is your friend for the next four months-especially if you have south-facing windows. Open the curtains during the day and close them in the evening to contain the heat.
  • Temperature adjustment is key. Setting the temperature to as low as what is comfortable for you, and back 10-15 degrees will help save you money on heating and cooling bills.
  • Sealing leaks and covering windows can reduce the amount of cold air invading your home that would cause your heating system to work harder.
  • Regularly check and change your furnace’s filter. Serious consequences can arise from not doing this such as, overheating, restricted airflow and reduced efficiency. Consistently changing the filter can prolong the life of your furnace.
  • This recommendation should really be #1. Schedule an appointment for a furnace check!!! Having a professional technician look over your system can prevent any unwanted disruptions later in the winter.
  • Worried about over using energy during the holidays with all the indoor and outdoor lighting? No worries! Try using LED lights and looking for Energy Star®-qualified lights.
  • If you have a fireplace, check out these tips from the EPA!

If you are interested in learning about additional ways to save energy, check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s information on the subject. Give us a call to schedule your furnace tune up or with any questions/concerns!