Should You Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit?

During the fall and winter seasons, you may encounter the question of whether or not you should cover your A/C unit. There are both positives and negatives for covering and not covering. Many reference sites will argue on way or another. The decision will be up to you.

  • Covering your air conditioner will protect it from debris, water, and general dirt. This will allow your A/C unit to run more efficiently. However, the covering can create a high humidity environment do to trapped moisture can create mold.
  • If you do feel the need to protect your A/C from leaves, only cover the top portion and allow a maximum of 6 inches to drape the sides. You can even place plywood over the top to block any debris. This can reduce the likelihood of critters making a winter home inside the covering.
  • Remember that outdoor air conditioning units are made to withstand harsh weather conditions so you don’t necessarily need to cover it.

Many homeowners do not need to cover their outdoor air conditioning unit. A/C units can withstand rain, wind, and snowstorms. If you have any questions regarding if you should or shouldn’t cover your air conditioner or to schedule an appointment, give Comfort Central a call at 866-848-3300!