4 Ways to Naturally Make your Home Smell Great!

Having fresh air in your home is very important for your health and well-being. Spraying store bought air fresheners can cause more harm than you think. Most of these sprays contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates (which can cause birth defects, etc.) and also can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. There are many healthier and more natural ways to cover up odors and to make your home smell good for guests or even just for yourself. Here are some of the many natural ways to make your home smell wonderful!


Open a window

The fresh air can eliminate unwanted or lingering odors but when the weather is humid and the temperature is 80+ degrees outside, an open window or door may not be an option.







Clean your home (with fruit!)

Did you know you can clean your home with lemon juice? Lemons are full of natural disinfectant qualities that are able to kill most of the bacteria in hard to clean rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom. Need an even more powerful cleaner? Add some vinegar to the lemon juice, it’s great for removing soap scum. Not only will your home be fresh and clean but it will smell great as well!




DIY fabric spray

No need to spray all those harmful chemicals into the air when you can easily make your own natural spray at home! All you need is some water, baking soda and your favorite essential oil or lemon juice. Choose whatever scent or oil that best suits you. Choose lavender for a calming aroma or a citrus option for a boost of energy! Make sure to shake it up and spray it onto your couch, pillows, bed and more!




Get some houseplants or flowers

Houseplants can naturally filter your home, leaving your air clean and fresh. Click below for some recommendations of great, low-cost natural air filters!


There are also plenty of house plants that not only filter your air but leave a lovely scent as well! Orchids, lavender, citrus, jasmine and others can leave a subtle and fresh scent to your home.



These are some of the many ways to naturally make your home smell great. Hopefully these help you out when your home needs a little freshening up. It is wonderful to have your home smell nice but it is also very important to have the air you smell be safe and clean. Please contact Comfort Central with any HVAC questions to learn how to keep the air in your home as clean as it can be!

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